Total Cosmetix

Total Cosmetix

As a cosmetic surgery center, our goal is to slow down the process of aging and to enhance every client’s natural beauty from the inside out. We achieve this goal with the help of cutting edge technology, advanced education and knowledge of the latest medical news and innovations from Europe and the U.S.

Doctor Towhidian interviews almost all clients himself and discusses their beauty concerns and interests. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere at our office makes our clients feel that they are at a friend’s rather than a doctor’s office.

A well informed client is an asset to our successful treatment. All procedures are done by Dr. Towhidian himself and not a nurse or a physician assistant, except procedures that the State of California allows a licensed nurse or Esthetician to do. Dr. Towhidian travels to Europe and out of state several times each year to meet with American and International leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery so he can bring the latest knowledge and technology to his clients.

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