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Thread Lift for Face, Neck & Body

Looking for an easy, non-invasive way to lift sagging facial skin? Want an alternative to a facelift, but without the risks and complications that come with surgery? If so, a thread lift may be the ideal solution for you! Dr. Towhidian has chosen to offer thread lift to his patients’ thanks to the incredible results it can produce without the need for surgery.
The procedure involves the use of special threads to lift and reposition facial, neck or body skin that may have become loose and lost elasticity due to a number of factors including age, sun exposure, and genetics. The treatment is designed to give you a tightened, more contoured look with results that are noticeable yet natural.

Lift and Define with a Thread lift

As you grow older, your body produces less collagen, causing the skin around your face and neck to become looser. You may start to notice sagging concentrated around your chin, neck, cheeks, or around your jawline as early as in your late twenties. The entire procedure can be done by Dr. Towhidian in our Irvine office. The procedure is commonly performed with minimal local anesthesia and the great majority of patients report no pain during or after treatment.


How it Works

A thread lift by TotalCosmetix is designed to lift sagging facial skin in the least invasive way possible. Using threads composed of a gentle material called polydioxanone (PDO), Dr. Hamid Towhidian will essentially reposition the skin around your face, neck, and jowls by tugging and maneuvering the absorbable thread at a subdermal level.

What are the advantages of having a thread lift instead of a facelift?

For many patients, the biggest advantage of having a thread lift rather than a facelift is the greatly reduced recovery time associated with thread lifts. When a patient has facelift surgery, he or she must be heavily sedated.

Recovery from a thread lift, on the other hand, is comparatively easy. Thread lifts can be performed under local, rather than general anesthesia, meaning that thread lift patients can drive themselves home and look after themselves immediately after having their procedure. While some patients will experience a little bit of soreness, redness, and swelling after having a thread lift and therefore wish to take the rest of the day off, most can return to work immediately. Strong pain medication is seldom needed after having a thread lift, making it easier for patients to return to their normal routine.

While thread lift recovery is not particularly intensive, patients will still have to take a few minor precautions while healing. It’s important to make sure that you don’t rub your face vigorously while cleansing it or applying moisturizer for at least a week after having threads placed. You should also try to prop your head up slightly so that you don’t roll over directly onto your face while sleeping. No dental work for one week. Thread lifts are low risk, thanks to how noninvasive they are. There is virtually no risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding or other complications after having a thread lift. In rare cases, patients may experience irritation, infection or their sutures becoming visible under their skin. If this occurs, however, the sutures can simply be removed and the patient’s face will return to its prior state. Finally, because thread lifts are much easier to perform than facelift surgery, they are much more affordable. Advantageous though thread lifts are, it’s important for patients to maintain realistic expectations for this procedure. While thread lifts certainly produce visible changes, they will generally only lift the face by a few millimeters; as such, they create a more subtle and natural looking end result than facelift surgery. Thread lifts are therefore best suited to patients who are dealing with mild to moderate, rather than severe, signs of skin laxity. Results last for a year or more and it is much safer than fillers.

*Individual results vary. Photos and reviews do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery or procedure.

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