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Hamid Towhidian, MD
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Hamid Towhidian, MD

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If you’re tired having a flat butt despite regular exercise, a butt lift might be the treatment you’ve been searching for. At Total Cosmetix in Irvine, California, board-certified plastic surgeon Hamid Towhidian, MD, and his expert team offer Sculptra® nonsurgical butt lifts to give you desirable body contours without surgery or downtime. Schedule an appointment with Total Cosmetix over the phone or online to find out if the procedure is right for you.

A nonsurgical butt lift, or butt augmentation, at Total Cosmetix uses Sculptra filler injections to add volume and shape to your butt without surgery, cutting, or downtime. The procedure helps you achieve results similar to traditional butt lifts, but without the risks associated with surgery. Sculptra fillers contain a natural substance called poly-l-lactic acid.

What are the benefits of a butt lift?

Choosing a Sculptra nonsurgical butt lift at Total Cosmetix helps you achieve the following aesthetic benefits:

  • A rounder butt
  • Enhanced curves
  • Better body contours
  • Less cellulite
  • Fewer dimples
  • More volume

A nonsurgical butt lift is a simple way to give you body contours you desire and confidence you deserve. Dr. Towhidian may combine Sculptra injections with platelet-rich plasma to help you achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

Is a butt lift right for me?

You might be a good candidate for a nonsurgical butt lift if you’d like more volume in your butt without surgery or downtime. Dr. Towhidian lets you know if the procedure is right for you after reviewing your medical history, examining you, and discussing your desired outcome.

What should I expect during a butt lift?

When you arrive at Total Cosmetix for a butt lift, you’re greeted by warm, welcoming staff. You lie down on a comfortable exam table. Dr. Towhidian numbs the treatment area and injects Sculptra filler into targeted areas of your butt. 

The procedure is fast and virtually painless with minimal recovery time of 24 hours. You might experience swelling or redness at the injection site, but these side effects are short-lived.

When will I notice my butt lift results?

After a nonsurgical butt lift with Sculptra, you notice almost immediate results, with final results appearing over time. Dr. Towhidian may recommend a series of injections during two or three sessions, spaced one to two months apart, to achieve the best possible outcome. Your results can last over five years, but periodic maintenance treatments might be necessary after that.

Don’t live with a flat butt if it embarrasses you, when nonsurgical butt lifts at Total Cosmetix are simple and painless. Schedule a Sculptra but lift consultation over the phone or online to find out if the procedure is right for you.