Reach Optimal Health with Stem Cell Therapy

Reach Optimal Health with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for Optimal Health

How does it work?

Blood is comprised of 93% red blood cells, 6% white blood cells, 1% platelets and plasma. PRP therapy involves the injection of platelets and plasma to the affected area. Your own blood is drawn at the doctors office, then placed in a centrifuge, the blood cells are separated and discarded, leaving the plasma and platelets. This entire treatment takes about 1 hour

Sports Injury

Stem Cell Therapy for sports injuries is cutting edge regenerative medical technology. Many of our patients believed surgery to be their only option. They were delighted to learn they may avoid the knife and regain their post injury fitness without surgery*

Stem Cell Therapy may also show promise for*:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart
  • Joints
  • Lungs


Start your natural healing process today!

*Individual results vary. Not everyone is a candidate for stem cell therapy. Photos and reviews do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery or procedure.

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