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Treatment using umbilical cord derived stem cells is a simple non-surgical procedure which takes place directly in your physician’s office, taking only minutes from start to finish. Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, there is no pain or trauma caused to your already pained and damaged tissues.

Initial results are seen as soon as the day following treatment, eliminating pain and improving quality of life without having to undergo invasive painful procedures, medication side effects, or take valuable time out of your daily life for recovery.

Improvements will continue to be seen consistently over a short period of time, all the while your quality of life will improve and your day to day activities increase as pain eliminated and mobility restored.

As with any treatment option, individual patient recovery and results may vary.

Besides the medical benefits… Stem Cell is used widely around the world for external beautification. This includes but is not limited to skin rejuvenation in the face, neck, chest, back of hands, and hair growth. Stem Cell when combined with microneedling helps decrease the size of acne scars and pores, and also thickens your skin which means it reduces fine lines.

Umbilical cord stem cell therapy utilizes a combination of both live dividing stem cells capable of differentiating into cartilage, bone, muscle, ligament, and new skin; as well as a host growth factors, cytokines, and proteins, which eliminate inflammation and provide the tissue with the ideal conditions for regeneration.

We receive our cell donations only from disease free donors following a planned healthy birth. All donors are screened for medications, communicable diseases, and physiological conditions.

The stem cells are tested to match and exceed the highest industry standards putting the safety of patients first.

Due to the young, unprogrammed nature of Umbilical Cord derived Stem Cells they are classified as immature privileged, this means there should be no adverse immune responses or rejections in any patients treated worldwide.

If you suffer from heart, lung, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, diabetes, joint pain, arthritis, cartilage degeneration, bone fractures, ligament tears, chronic wounds, chronic inflammation, pain and other disorders, then stem cells can reduce or eliminate your pain and restore full mobility to your life.

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