Non Surgical RF Fat Reduction In Irvine / Orange County

Non Surgical RF Fat Reduction In Irvine / Orange County

Frequently asked questions regarding the truSculpt™ procedure:

Q: How Does TruSculpt™ Work?*

A: TruSculpt is an RF (Radio Frequency) device which tightens the skin and reduces fat cells by delivering constant and controlled heat.

Q: Who Is A Candidate For TruSculpt?*

A: Once the doctor determines the underlying cause of your hair loss or A: TruSculpt™ is not meant for large volume fat reduction. Only after a consultation with Dr. Towhidian can a determination be made if your desired results can be achieved with trusculpt. Some patients may require surgical liposuction. Patients who are pregnant, have skin cancer, certain metalic implants, heart monitors or pacemakers are not a candidate for this procedure.

Q: How Long Is A Single Treatment?*

Depending on the number of areas to be treated, typical sessions last between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Q: How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?*

It is dependent on the number of areas needed to be treated and your desired results, typically 1 to 3 treatments will be enough.

Q: Are Results Immediate?*

A: No, you will begin to see results after the 3rd week and through 3 or 4 months after.

Q: Does The Treatment Hurt?*

The temperature of the device is controlled, you will feel heat and it might not be comfortable, however, no pain medication or anesthesia is needed.

Q: Are There Any Precautions Or Side Effects?*

A: There are no precautions to be taken prior or during your treatment, however, all jewelry must be removed. The side effects of truSculpt™ include: a burnt feeling (similar to a sun burn), tenderness and or soreness after the treatment. The truSculpt system is a safe and FDA cleared. This procedure is most beneficial for the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It can be used on other areas in need of fat reduction.
For more information about TrueSculpt or other cosmetic treatments available, contact the staff at Total Cosmetix today.

*Individual results vary. Photos and reviews do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery or procedure.

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