Patelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

Patelet-rich fibrin (PRF)

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, but what about its bestie PRF? Platelet-rich fibrin is the latest addition to Refined Dermatology’s biological products. It’s still made from your own platelets, but the harvesting and processing is totally different. Once your blood is extracted, it’s spun in a different centrifuge at a slower and gentler rate. This traps the platelets in a protein matrix called fibrin. Connect with Refined Dermatology today to find out even more.


The result of the fibrin? It becomes a spongy mixture rich in platelets. It’s then harvested and can be injected directly into your skin, or applied topically to boost other skin care treatments. Anywhere you want to build tissue, like around the eyes or upper lift, PRF can give you a serious boost. It pairs well with Microneedling and the Infini skin tightening treatment. Thin skin areas show age first, and they can benefit from some help. Consider PRF to the rescue.

PRF can also be combined with dermal fillers to supercharge the fill process. We all have platelets in our blood. They’re amazingly powerful and full of growth factors, peptides, and bioactive products. However, platelets are not condensed or maximized naturally. With PRF, these platelets are centrifuged over a longer period of time so that when they’re injected, you get a longer, stronger platelet effect for repair and growth.

PRF is powerful stuff, but only once it’s injected. There’s only a 20-minute window to use the product before it’s inactive. That’s why we don’t pair it with certain treatments, such as hair restoration. In these instances, PRP might be a better approach. Both are fantastic for skin tightening and reversing the signs of aging.



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