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Frequently asked questions regarding the truSculpt™ procedure:
A fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, has become a popular way to enhance the contours of the face and body today. The procedure involves the harvesting of fat from one area of the body to place it into another. Because the patient’s own fat is used for the procedure, there is no worry over an allergic reaction or rejection of the graft. Fat transfer is used for a number of purposes, including a few you might not be aware of.


Fat transfer for the hands is becoming more popular as physicians and patients are tuning into the many advantages fat grafting provides in this area. Hands that belie your age through protruding veins and sun damaged skin can be effectively treated to create a smoother, younger looking hand. While dermal fillers have been used for this purpose, fat grafting provides longer lasting results.

Inverted nipples can be a source of embarrassment that often sends people in search of cosmetic treatment. In the past, inverted nipples were corrected through a surgical procedure that involved a small incision and a stent placed in the nipple. Now, research on the use of fat grafting for inverted nipples may allow physicians to cosmetically improve the nipple without surgery.

Cheeks seem to lose their luster and volume over time, making the face appear older and chronically fatigued. By using fat transfer to plump up the cheek area, youthful vitality can be restored in the facial contour. This is another procedure that has frequently been done with fillers, but fat transfer provides a longer, more durable result.

Another area of the face that does not tend to respond well to the aging process is the undereye area. Sags, bags and fine lines develop that add to a perpetually tired appearance. Fat grafting can be used in this delicate area of skin to smooth out the area under the eyes. In this procedure, small amounts of fat are injected for the most natural results.

The chin also changes somewhat through the aging process, losing volume that affects the entire facial contour. Fat transfers to the chin improve that contour, bringing a fuller look to the facial profile. Fat transfer is an optimal choice for this purpose, since the fat can be spread to a larger surface area and offer long-lasting results.

Fat transfer is becoming a common procedure for treating a variety of issues today. If you are interested in learning more about fat transfer and what it can do you, contact the team at Total Cosmetix today.

*Individual results vary. Photos and reviews do not guarantee outcomes and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual healing characteristics and unexpected complications can affect the outcome of any surgery or procedure.

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