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Cosmetic Surgery Irvine

Total Cosmetix and Laser Body Contouring is the premier destination for patients seeking to achieve their cosmetic goals and reverse the signs of aging. Based in Irvine, the center develops solutions in the areas of cosmetic surgery, dermatology, autoimmune diseases, and orthopedic injuries. Dr. Hamid Towhidian, MD possesses rich experience performing specialties such as laser treatments, breast surgery, acne scar treatments, stem cell therapy, hair reduction, skin tightening, cosmetic surgery, and more. He possesses an extensive and detailed background in the field, including serving as a former staff member of Hoag Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital of Orange, CHOC, and Irvine Regional Hospital. Recognized as a true body sculptor, Dr. Towhidian can provide the results that can lead to better confidence and well-being.






An unprecedented skin treatment that allows physicians to precisely provide optimal skin contraction temperatures in a manner no other ....


NovaMesh and NovaLyft: non-surgical face lift procedures. Reduce unwanted wrinkles and loose skin on your face without surgery. ...


Making you more Beautiful... Patients of Botox apply it to treat wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet, smoker lines and more....


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